Hollywood Reacts To The 'Pokemon Go' Craze

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Arlington National Cemetery and many other sensitive locations have asked Niantic to remove them from the game.

“Oh, people will stop playing it in about six weeks,” predicted Odenkirk. “I haven’t played it. I’m more of a news junkie than a ‘Pokemon’ junkie.”

“Downton Abbey” executive producer Gareth Neame believes the series’ stuffy Crowley family would have cautiously accepted last week’s “Pokemon Go” debut, just as they did the refrigerator and radio.

“I guess any adventurous and addictive entertainment would probably be something they’d embrace,” Neame deadpanned.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” filmmaker J.J. Abrams called the craze “fascinating,” but he’s not addicted to tracking down Ponyta or Charmander.

“I’m not actively playing,” said Abrams, who also produced the upcoming “Star Trek Beyond.” “I had to try it out because I’m a human being who has kids.”

Tony Robbins, the best-selling self-help speaker and subject of the Netflix documentary “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru,” believes “Pokemon Go” is just scratching the surface of the emerging augmented and virtual reality mediums.

“It is wild, the world that we’re entering into,” said Robbins. “‘Pokemon’ is a cartoon by comparison. When the real stuff hits, you’re going to see how popular it’s going to be.”

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