Mark Hamill's Star Wars Celebration 2016 Panel: Our 5 Favorite Moments!

Mark thought another character was the lead in the first “Star Wars “film

Surprisingly, Mark didn’t actually read a true script for “A New Hope” until he showed up for work, and when he met Harrison Ford, he assumed that Harrison’s Han Solo was the lead character! Mark figured he was playing a “sidekick” for Harrison. It wasn’t until he began actually reading the script that he realized the story revolves around Skywalker. 

Passing the torch (or lightsaber) is good

Mark believes that the “Star Wars” movies do a good job of showing characters (and the actors who play them) progressing through life; it’s healthy to see that process! He was gracious in noting that the films are no longer about his original cast of characters, but new stories are being told wonderfully. Mark joked that he freaked out when Rey caught the lightsaber in “The Force Awakens,” because she hasn’t finished any training! But, he admits Luke Skywalker is a Jedi school dropout himself. 

Film friends are forever friends!

Mark got sentimental when speaking of his “Star Wars” co-stars, assuring the crowd that he still hangs out with them. He explained that Carrie Fisher is like a real sister to him, and whenever they get together, it’s like no time has passed at all. Skywalker Sibling love!

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