President Obama — I Retired from Basketball … Afraid of Getting Hurt (VIDEO)

0624-obama-lebron-james-TMZ-GETTY-01First Kobe … now Obama??

The President just announced he finally “hung it up” — and will no longer play competitive basketball games. 

54-year-old Obama revealed the move during a phone call with Cleveland Cavs coach Ty Lue — saying he actually “hung it up about 2 years ago.”

The reason? Fear of injury. 

“You know, I had too many friends … seen that achilles pop … being in a boot for 6 months.”

For years, Obama was a regular in pick up games — and was praised for being a pretty good player. In fact, he once played in a game with LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Magic Johnson, D-Rose and Carmelo Anthony. 

Now, it seems those days are over — but there are reports B.O. wants to own an NBA team after he’s done being the leader of the free world. 

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