10 Celebrities Who Had Kids Too Young

You will never believe the shocking young age that these celebs became parents!
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Not everyone waits until they’re adults to start extending their family. Some people have children while they’re still children themselves, and celebrities are no exception. Whether they had children before their rise to stardom, or whether it put a halt to their celebrity career, these ten stars became parents when they were just young teens. Being a teenager is already filled with struggles – studying for exams, making friends at high school and the pressure to be well-rounded with academics and extra-curricular activities. Adding a baby to that list would be difficult for anyone.

However, whether it was planned or came as a surprise, this lot of celebs took on parenthood at a very young age. Jamie Lynn Spears was on the road to stardom when she announced to the world that she would become a mom at the age of 16, Lil Wayne became a dad at 15, before his claim to fame in the rapping world, and you would never know that some celebrities, like Sophia Vergara, have children who are adults themselves. Some stars have gone on the lead extremely successful careers, and some put their time and energy into focusing on raising their children.

Whatever path these celebrities decided to take, none of them went off the deep end when they were faced with growing up before they planned to. From Keisha Castle-Hughes to Le Bron James, these are 10 celebrities who had kids when they were kids, too.

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