10 Celebrities Who Have Aged Horribly

These stars have aged BADLY over the years!
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With the excess of paparazzi and admirers watching their every move, celebrities face a lot of pressure to always look their best. And youth has become synonymous with looking good, so it’s no wonder why celebrities are trying to stay forever young. Red carpet appearances, award shows, charity events and movie premieres are just some of the appearances they are required to make to fulfill their star status. Because of this pressure, many of them undergo cosmetic procedures, which don’t always work out for them as they age. On top of that, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and stress have gotten the best of some of these stars, making their skin look incredibly wrinkled and dull.
Everyone gets older; unfortunately for some people, they don’t get better with age. Val Kilmer used to be one of the hottest men in Hollywood, but after gaining weight and clearly not taking care of himself, he’s looking worse with every new appearance he makes. And Lindsay Lohan, the child actress who pleased families with movies like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday now looks much older than her 29 years.
Whether plastic surgery did them wrong, their wild lifestyles took a toll on them, or time just wasn’t on their side, take a look at 10 celebrities who have aged horribly.

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