10 Celebrities You Won’t Even Recognize In Their Yearbook Pictures

Surprising high school yearbook pictures of 10 celebrities who look unrecognizable.
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Celebrities haven’t been in the limelight their entire lives. Most of them went to school, and have the embarrassing yearbook photos to prove it. Whether from elementary or high school, one way or another those pictures have surfaced online, giving us some jaw-gaping entertainment. While some of our favourite stars were cute as a button, others definitely grew into their looks.

Although time has had a role in their changing looks, other factors have surely come into play. We’re used to seeing celebs at their best – money, famous personal trainers and a plethora of facial procedures are all too common in the world of the stars. But it’s nice to see them pre-fame and realize that, hey, they are just like us!

The haircuts are the best part of most of these photos and some of the outfits are just too good. And while Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian look nearly unrecognizable, Kate Upton and Drake are basically mini versions of themselves. In today’s video we take a peak at 13 epic celebrity yearbook photos from way back when.

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