Billie Eilish Furious as She Finds Out Her Sneaker Collection Is Ruined

Billie Eilish Furious as She Finds Out Her Sneaker Collection Is Ruined

The ‘Bury a Friend’ hitmaker is fuming at her adopted dog after she found out her expensive shoes were ruined by the mischievous puppy during lockdown.

Billie Eilish fumed at her new pet pit bull puppy after the pooch took a poo all over her pricey sneaker collection.

The “Bad Guy” hitmaker revealed her dog, which she adopted after fostering it during lockdown, had a dreadful bathroom mishap in a post on her Instagram Story.

“I walk into my room and I smell s**t,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Damn, did I step on s**t in the yard and I came inside with it? Let me check my shoes. Nothing there I’m good. I must be imagining it.’ ”

“So I go to put my shoes away,” Billie added before opening her sneaker closet and saying, “This is what I find. This is what I f**king find,” while pointing out the dog faeces now covering several pairs of rare training shoes.”

These included a pair of Yeezy Foam Runner sneakers, which have been customised with a Louis Vuitton print and Jordan 1s, which both bore the brunt of her pooch’s bowel movements, and cost hundreds of dollars. Even more expensive and sullied was a retro pair of Jordan Air 12s in University Gold, retailing for around $400 (£304).

Worst of all, she spotted a dirty paw print on an exceedingly rare pair of Air Jordan x Dior sneakers – which can sell for thousands of dollars.

Fingering the culprit, Billie took a snap of her pup, which she captioned, “Oh you innocent now?”