Demi Lovato So Ill Rehab Hasn't Even Been Discussed

Demi Lovato

Too Ill to Discuss Rehab …

7/31/2018 1:00 AM PDT


Demi Lovato is in no shape to talk about going to rehab, even though friends and family say she needs it to save her life.

Sources with firsthand knowledge tell us the people in contact with her have not even broached the subject of rehab, because she’s still not out of the woods after her overdose a week ago.

As we reported, she is still very ill, suffering from extreme nausea and a high fever, among other things.  

We’re told doctors are not even predicting when she might get out of the hospital, so there’s still time to discuss. Multiple people who have had contact with Demi tell us they have no idea how she will receive the message that she desperately needs rehab. As one source said, “We just don’t know where her head is at.”

Demi can’t be forced to go to rehab … it will have to be her decision. The good news … she’s been receptive about rehab — she went there in 2010, although she said at the time it was for an eating disorder. She has also celebrated her sobriety in the past, so from all signs she wants to regain it.

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