Omari Hardwick Livid as Troll Suggests He's Gay for Kissing 50 Cent

Omari Hardwick Livid as Troll Suggests He's Gay for Kissing 50 Cent
WENN/Derrick Salters/Avalon

The James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick depicter shows his support for his ‘Power’ co-star, who has just got his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, by posting a picture of him planting a kiss on Fif’s head.

Omari Hardwick doesn’t take a joke about his sexuality lightly. The 46-year-old actor has lashed out at an Instagram user and his follower, who suggested that he might be gay after he posted a picture of him kissing 50 Cent.

Omari, who stars as James “Ghost” St. Patrick on Starz’s “Power“, was paying tribute to Fif with his Thursday, January 30 post as the rapper received his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the photo, Omari planted a kiss on Fif’s head.

He also wrote in the caption, “Cuz you made me PROUD proud today. & scene *I know Grandma B smiling hard. My bro. Jackson 5 done done it!!”

But a follower took a step ahead by reading beyond the lines and jokingly suggested that Omari might be a gay for being affectionate with his co-star and the “Power” co-creator. “Him and tank smh,” the said user wrote below the photo.

Seemingly offended by the comment, Omari lashed out at the troll, “I should bust you in your f**king nose. Shut the F up. Stop talking.” He added later, “& you requested me to follow you back. B***h a** humans. Please fade.”

Another joined to troll the actor by dubbing the two actors, “baeeeee.” Someone else agreed with the first user, writing, “I mean he’s kissing a grown ass man like it’s his woman. Suspect af.”

Some others have come to Omari’s defense, with one commenting, “People so uncomfortable by affectionate men. It’s pathetic really.” Another clapped back at the troll, “Y’all know he doesn’t mind snapping! He has laid folks out for talking about his wife, leave that man alone please we need more work from him‼”

“Why would a straight man not be offended if referenced as gay,” read another comment. “This world really want a mans man to really be ok with being called gay. They’re not women! Women these days make or want straight men too soft. Weird.”

Some others suggested that Omari was just channeling his character Ghost with his angry response.