Weirdest Celebrity Collections

These celebrities make tons of money each year, and they have decided to spend it on some on the most bizarre collectibles. Here is a list of 40 weird celebrity collections.

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15- Leo DiCaprio’s Action Figure Collection – Just in case Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t adorable enough already, he’s also an avid collector of action figures. His favorites are his Star Wars figures, and he even has a rare He-Man dating back to 1982.

14- Demi Moore’s Vintage Doll Collection – While some may call them creepy, Demi Moore calls them beautiful. She owns an estimated 2,000 dolls that are kept all over her house, even in the bedroom. Ashton Kutcher – Demi’s ex – once lamented that the dolls petrified him!

13- Reese Witherspoon’s Antique Linen Collection – There’s something so right about a southern belle like Reese collecting something as lovely as antique linen. She began collecting these embroidered gems to remember where she grew up and keep close to her Southern roots.

12- Quinton Tarantino’s TV show-themed board game collection – This wacky moviemaker doesn’t disappoint with his eccentric love of vintage board games based on TV shows. A favorite of the goofy oddball is a board game based on the show “I Dream of Jeannie.”

11- Shaquille O’Neal’s Superman Collection – A superman on the court, and a Superman… collector? Shaq has a pricey collection, complete with a customized Superman bed and tricked out Superman SUV that has probably set him back almost $1 million dollars.

10- Rosie O’Donnell’s Happy Meal toy collection – It would make sense that the woman dubbed the “Queen of Nice” would have a fondness for the toys found in Happy Meals. The former talk show host has approximately 3,000 toys and keeps them all displayed in her home.

9- Nicole Kidman’s Coin Collection – When you picture a coin collector, I’m not sure a beautiful Hollywood actress is what pops into your mind. But, Nicole Kidman is obsessed with her rare coin collection of Judea coins from Mesopotamia.

8- Johnny Depp’s Skeleton Collection – Johnny Depp is definitely known for his eccentricity, but this may take the cake. The handsome actor has a pretty elaborate animal skeleton collection. He has skeletons of pigeons, pigs, bats and bugs.

7- Lou Ferrigno’s Beanie Baby Collection – Because when you think “The Hulk” you immediately think “beanie babies” right? Hmmm, maybe not. The muscle man is still a big collector, even though these little plushies can sometimes be bought for just a penny each!

6- Penelope Cruz’s Coat Hanger Collection – Penelope Cruz has a rather strange addiction to coat hangers. She’s said to have over 500 types of hangers, and not a single one is metal. Brings new meaning to the phrase, “No wire hangers!”

5- Angelina Jolie’s Knife Collection – Collecting weapons since she was a little girl, Angelina Jolie is a big knife enthusiast. Locked away in a case and away from her kids, Jolie loves antique knives from other countries.

4- Brad Pitt’s Metallic Art Collection – We’re assuming Brad Pitt’s collection of metal art is to protect himself from his wife’s fascination with knives. Pitt’s metal fixation isn’t limited to art, he is also a big metal furniture collector and designer, as well.

3- Claudia Schiffer’s Bug Collection – How can someone so beautiful collect something so icky? Insect paintings line the walls of Schiffer’s home – one of these paintings is even crafted from insect parts.

2- Mike Tyson’s Collection of Tigers – Why wouldn’t this strange heavyweight have one of the strangest (and most dangerous) collections on this list? Tyson owned 3 Bengal Tigers for about a year, each costing $70,000.

1-Amanda Seyfried’s Collection of Taxidermy – This collection combines strange, creepy, eccentric and weird all into one. Seyfried has been collecting taxidermy – essentially stuffed, dead animals -for years and so far and her collection includes a horse, a miniature zebra, a raccoon, an owl, a chick and a deer – just to name a few. But she seemed so normal….



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